Be patient, how to save money about bills?


When it comes to saving money about bills, many people think that traditional solutions do not work. In fact, there are some savings points that have the potential to reduce the bills by half. Below we have compiled simple methods that will affect your bills in general.

Each one is the ideal choice to leave extra money at home. Choose what you want and protect your money. Want to learn how to save money in your home? Be sure to follow the steps below.

How to reduce bills and save money?

  • Using fluorescent or led lighting is more efficient than a normal bulb. Even if you use a system that can adjust the brightness level if possible, you can save energy by opening as much light as you need.
  • Charge devices such as phones, laptops, and tablets while you are at work or in a cafe. This can be a little effect.
  • Do not leave unused power tools on the plug.
  • Do not operate the washing machine before it is full.
  • When you purchase a new power tool, be sure to take A ++ energy class.
  • Hair dryers consume a lot of electricity. 10% of energy savings can be made with careful use.
  • Do not place hot food in the refrigerator. By using more cooling, it consumes more electricity.
  • Refrigerators which close to other home appliances such as heating pellets and furnaces and increase energy consumption. Remember this when positioning your refrigerator.
  • It is foreseen that choosing the ones with low power and low steam capacity will get at least 10% savings. Also, when ironing, it is working to unplug your iron a few minutes before the ironing is finished.
  • When cooking in the oven, it is better not to open the oven’s door.
  • Each time the kombi boiler is switched on; it will have to spend extra energy. Instead, when your house gets warmer, it would be a better choice to lower the boiler.
  • Kombi boiler maintenance and radiator cleaning help to reduce the natural gas bill. Dirty water is more difficult to warm up and more energy is consumed.
  • Reducing the room temperature from 23 to 22, i.e. decreasing by 1 degree means about 10 percent fuel saving.
  • Ties used in windows and under doors can save up to 70 percent heat.
  • In order to maintain heat, it is necessary to keep the doors between the rooms closed.

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