Becoming a Landlord&Rental Property Owner in 2019


When you own a house, you have control. You have the freedom to decorate and fix it as you want. The house is a property of you, so you can have any pet. Also, there are no negative situations like that inspect your home and threaten to evict you. But there are some solid circumstances you consider.
Buying a house is an important decision to make consider. It is often the biggest purchase a person makes in their life. Homeownership also entails greater responsibilities and is not for everyone. In RentFollow, we will discuss why becoming a landlord is so important, how to save money and what you can expect. When you finish this ultimate homeowner guide, you will say the final word.

Why important becoming a landlord?

Save money even in inflation
Rental payments can be unpredictable. In fact, it increases almost every year. Against most mortgage payments can be solid throughout the loan period. If taxes increase, the increase is usually gradual. The cost of housing, especially when the tenants lose money, results in owners making money. Of course, over time, inflation is decided by this situation.

Tax savings
Owners can benefit from significant tax savings because different expenses can be deducted when making the income statement. This can be a considerable amount of money at the beginning because the first years of the mortgage payments are composed mainly of interest and taxes.

Often one of the greatest investments
Instead of payments going into someone else’s pocket, homeowners are creating capital in their own home. This is often one of the greatest investment assets of a person. Each year that passes one is more owner of the house; you are paying more capital and less interest.
It’s like having a staggering savings account that grows faster the longer you have it. If the property is appreciated, and usually does, it is like having money in your pocket. And you’re the one who benefits from that, not the owner. Then you can use this equity to plan future goals, such as your child’s education or retirement.

Some point that you should consider

Depending on your situation, the monthly expenses of your home may increase. Although the monthly payments are the same, the owners must pay the property taxes and all the maintenance and repair costs of the house.
You will also be able to buy any problems with the fixed tools in the house. Owners cannot move as easily as the tenant who has to notify the owner only. Also selling a home can be a complicated and slow process.

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