Home is Sweet Home: Tenants’ Ideas

Tenants cannot home beautification? Making a home decoration isn’t just a homeowner thing. Tenants can also make changes without damaging home. Today, many of us do not live in our own home, so we have difficulty in decorating the areas we live in as we wish.

When you live in rented homes, you may need to throw away some decorating ideas to avoid damaging the house; but this is not the end of the world. You can apply different decoration ideas to your home by beautifying your living space without damaging your rented house.

Below we have listed some of the basic decorations you can do. However, we recommend that you review the articles in your tenancy agreement before applying these ideas.

Furniture Decoration Ideas

We can add textile products in the first place. Textile products such as pillows or small rugs have the ability to add a very personal touch to their living space. You can choose the sitting pillows for minimal designs, or you can change the atmosphere of your room with cushions with different patterns on the seat or bed. The best part of these textile products is that you can use your home without any damage.

Lighting System can give a novel touch!

Lighting systems are one of the alternatives that you can produce decoration solutions without causing any damage to your apartment. Besides the chandeliers, the lamps, candle holders and LED lights that you can place on the shelves are one of the solutions you can differentiate your home decoration. In fact, it can make happy your homeowner.

Shelf and Bookcase

Shelves have an important impression in creating your own space. Wall-mounted shelves can allow you to create a different concept in your home. Of course, you may need your landlord’s permission to use the wall shelves. If this is not going to be a solution for you, you can also use library shelves or different shelf alternatives on the floor.

Flowers & Plants

One of the ideal solutions to decorate your home will be to take advantage of flowers and plants. Especially if the apartment you are living in is limited to the balcony area, you can create a more spacious living space by decorating your house with flowers and plants. In addition to small flowers growing in pots, you can also include long and broadleaf plants in your living areas. Long and broad-leaved plants provide an ideal solution to hide walls and floors.

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Illustration courtesy of Dark Cube Studio

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