Lying will give you a rough time

From time to time we have to lie to save the day. Even if we think it’s bad, somehow, it’s a part of our lives. There are also times when we will lie to the landlord as a tenant. If you have a landlord who says, “You have to follow my rules in this house,” things can become more difficult. In addition to being a false attitude to lie ethically, lying to the landlord is considered great consequences.

At first, the result is quite the same as you would expect but results in quite different results over time. Each of the lies is one of the material moral offenses and as a result, you will take your lesson in some way.

Loss of Confidence

Nowadays, the rapid development of technology helps to become a resource for excuses, while at the same time allowing lies to come to expose. For example, you draw your salary and you spent it all. To tell the landlord that your salary will delay, then your day can be saved. At the same time, assuming that your landlord is good with technology, he can instantly understand that this is a lie.

Why is lying so bad? The landlord’s understanding of your lies will cause you to lose confidence in you. This allows them to approach the prejudice against you in the following cases. Although it is not a very important situation for you, it may be essential for you to live in that house for a while.

Decreasing Financial Exposition

One of the simplest lies told to the homeowners is about pets. In a house where pets are prohibited, living with pets may cause too much trouble. If you live in a furnished house and its furnish belongs to the landlord, then lying about your pet is extremely important.

Let’s say that the items in the house belong to your landlord and your pet has damaged them. This causes both a financial loss and a landlord of problems with your host. In addition, if the house rental contract has been declared as pet banned, your opposition to this situation will cause problems until you leave the house.

Finally, you should always be careful about subletting. Sharing a part of the house with another tenant helps you in financial matters, even though you are a tenant. However, you should make sure that you have thoroughly searched for sublet’s background. It is worth remembering that the landlord has no knowledge of any damages that may be caused to the house.

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